Supermarine Spitfire Mk I: Part 2 of 4


101 images.  Part 2 of 4  sections related to the Spitfire Mk I.

Approx 65mb

Note that these are required if you want to build a later Mark as drawings for later Marks are differences from the Mk 1.  You need the Mk I drawings AND the specific Mark drawings for a set.  If you are buying this set of 4 packages these contain all the drawings we hold for the Spitfire Mk I.  You do NOT need to buy any of the drawing sub-sets.

See Product Description for file listing.

Note that the files are machine sorted so may not appear in the order you might expect!


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30027 Sht 12G. Rear Spar Frame 10. 00009R1C<br>
30027 Sht 13G. Frame 11. 00009R1F<br>
30027 Sht 22G. Frame 20. 00009R1N<br>
30027 Sht 24H. Fuselage Stern. 00009R1O<br>
30027 Sht 26G. Top Joint Frame 5. 00009R1Q<br>
30027 Sht 32. ASSEMBLY OF FUSELAGE STRUCTURE FRS 7 TO 9. 00000024<br>
30027 Sht 34H. Cockpit Coaming. 00009R1S<br>
30027 Sht 36G. Assembly of Door for R-T & First Aid. 00009R1U<br>
30027 Sht 41G. Handholes & Door in way of Petrol Cocks. 00009R1V<br>
30027 Sht 42G. Assembly of Door for Accumulator. 00009R1W<br>
30027 Sht 43G. Special Top Longeron between Frames 12 & 14. 00009R1X<br>
30027 Sht 55G. Frame 19 Aft Assembly. 00009R1Y<br>
30027 Sht 59G. Cockpit Door. 00009R1Z<br>
30027 Sht 79G. Stiffening in way of Recess for Tail Parachute. 00009R23<br>
30027 Sht 83G. Assembly of Armour Plate on Bulkhead 5. 00009R25<br>
30027 Sht 102G. Frame 20 After Portion. 00009R19<br>
30027 Sht 107H. Strengthening for Tail Wheel Loads Frame 20. 00009R1A<br>
30027 Sht 122G. Pilot’s Fire Protecting Bulkhead. 00009R1D<br>
30027 Sht 124G. Assembly of Cockpit Ventilator. 00009R1E<br>
30027 Sht 134G. Frame 9. 00009R1G<br>
30027 Sht 171G. Frame 11 – alternative method of manufacture frame halved at Datum Longeron. 00009R1I<br>
30027-33;35;265. Fin Rib. 00009R1R<br>
30027-97-8H. Bottom Longeron ( Aft ). 00009R27<br>
30027-99-100G. Bottom Longeron ( Fwd ). 00009R28<br>
30027-349. Door. 00009R1T<br>
30027-731G. Fireproof Bulkhead Top Portion ( Frame 5 ). 00009R21<br>
30027-735G. Detail of Front Web Plate to take Spar Booms. 00009R22<br>
30027-1165G. Attachment Bracket. 00009R1B<br>
30027-1395G. Boudary Plate. 00009R1H<br>
30027-1803A. Lug. 00009R1J<br>
30027-2031. Door Frame. 00009R1L<br>
30027-2063G. Frame 20 After Portion. 00009R1M<br>
30027-2517G. Frame 21. 00009R1P<br>
30030 Sht 6G. Sliding Hood. 00009R2G<br>
30030 Sht 23G. Dimming Screen Assembly. 00009R2B<br>
30030 Sht 27G. Fuel Tank Cover Plate. 00009R2C<br>
30030 Sht 33G. Windscreen. 00009R2E<br>
30030 Sht 47H. G A of Windscreen De-Icing System. 00009R2F<br>
30030 SHT 62. BALLOON TYPE SLIDING HOOD. 000001D0<br>
30030-87G. Windscreen & Reflector Sight Mounting. 00009R2H<br>
30030-329. Cowling Panel over Petrol Tank. 00009R2D<br>
30034 SHT 10. INSTRUMENT BOARD. 000001CZ<br>
30034 SHT 21. PITOT HD MTG. 00000025<br>
30034 Sht 21. PITÔT HEAD MOUNTING. 00000025<br>
30034 Sht 23H. Installation of Vacuum Pump. 00009R2N<br>
30034-123H. Instrument Panel. 00009R2M<br>
30035 Sht 1. G A OF PILOT’S SEAT. 00000027<br>
30035 SHT 4. SUTTON HARNESS. 000001CW<br>
30008-2425H. Port Rear Spar between Ribs 1 – 14. 00009QUW<br>
30008-2427-8H. Rear Spar between Ribs 14 & 19. 00009QUX<br>
30008-2509H. Starboard Rear Spar between Ribs 1 – 14. 00009QV0<br>
30008-2919-20G. Top Panel Wing Tip. 00009QV2<br>
30008-2921-2922. BOTTOM PANEL WING TIP. 000000DB<br>
30008-2953-4H. Nose Covering Top Sheet. 00009QV3<br>
30008-2955-6H. Nose Covering Bottom Sheet. 00009QV4<br>
30008-3503-4G. Bottom Angle Wheel Housing. 00009QVE<br>
30008-4453-4G. Outboard Top Angle ( Wheel Housing ). 00009QVL<br>
30008-4597-4600H. Top & Bottom Booms Rib 13. 00009QVN<br>
30008-4883-6H. Top & Bottom Booms Rib 8. 00009QVQ<br>
30008-4887-90H. Top & Bottom Booms Rib 9. 00009QVR<br>
30008-4891-94H. Top & Bottom Booms Rib 11. 00009QVS<br>
30008-4905-8H. Top & Bottom Booms Rib 16. 00009QVU<br>
30008-4909-12H. Top & Bottom Booms Rib 17. 00009QVV<br>
30008-5149-50G. Plate Web for Auxiliary Spar ( Wheel Housing ). 00009QVX<br>
30012 Sht 1. G A OF AILERON. 000000DP<br>
30012 Sht 3. ARRANGEMENT OF HINGES. 000000DM<br>
30012 Sht 14H. G A of Metal Covered Aileron for converting fabric to metal covered. 00009R0P<br>
30012 Sht 15. G A METAL COVERED AILERON. 000000DL<br>
30012 Sht 16. ARRANGEMENT OF HINGES. 000000DN<br>
30012-53-54. AILERON SPAR CHANNEL. 000000DK<br>
30015 Sht 2. WING CONTOUR TEMPLATE RIBS 6 & 7. 0000001V<br>
30018 Sht 3. Tail Plane Fixation. 00009R0T<br>
30018 Sht 5. G A OF TAIL PLANE. 0000001T<br>
30018 Sht 19H. G A Tailplane. 00009R0Q<br>
30018 Sht 21H. G A Tailplane. 00009R0R<br>
30018 Sht 24G. Main Spar. 00009R0S<br>
30018-71-2G. Rear Spar. 00009R0Z<br>
30018-321-4G. Main Spar Booms. 00009R0U<br>
30018-485-6G. Top Skin Plating Tail Plane. 00009R0V<br>
30018-487-8G. Bottom Skin Plating Tail Plane. 00009R0W<br>
30018-493-4G. Bottom Skin Plating Tail Plane. 00009R0X<br>
30018-497-8G. Bottom Skin Tail Plane. 00009R0Y<br>
30020 Sht 1. G A ELEVATOR. 0000001W<br>
30020 Sht 5. ELEVATOR SPAR. 0000001X<br>
30023 Sht 1G. G A of Rudder. 00009R10<br>
30023 Sht 5H. Rudder Spar. 00009R14<br>
30023 Sht 6G. Assembly of Rudder Horn. 00009R16<br>
30023 Sht 13G. Assembly of Lever & Hinge Fittings. 00009R11<br>
30023-225G. Spar Skin. 00009R12<br>
30023-227G. Spar Web. 00009R13<br>
30023-503G. Top Trailing Edge. 00009R15<br>
30026 SHT 27. GA OF TAIL WHEEL. 000001AE<br>
30027 Sht 0G. Frame 8. 00009R17<br>
30027 Sht 2. Front Spar Frame 5. 00009R1K<br>
30027 Sht 7G. Front Spar Frame 5. 00009R20<br>
30027 Sht 8. Frame 6. 00009R24<br>
30027 Sht 9G. Frame 7. 00009R26<br>
30027 Sht 10G. Frame 8. 00009R18<br>