30041: Radiator


9 drawings related to the Spitfire radiator

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30041 Sht 19G. Radiator Fairing Constructional Details. 00009R39
30041 Sht 21G. Assembly of Radiator Lever & Cross Shaft. 00009R3A
30041-93G. Radiator Shell ( Glycol ). 00009R3E
30041-173. SPECIAL BOLT. 000001CR
30041 Sht 1H. Arrangement Radiator in Starboard Wing. 00009R37
30041 Sht 3H. Radiator Fairing. 00009R3B
30041 Sht 6G. Radiator Flap. 00009R3C
30041 Sht 7H. G A Raditor Flap Controls. 00009R3D
30041 Sht 10H. _ Radiator Fairing. 00009R38