30053: Radio


11 drawings relating to radio installation

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30053 Sht 1H. G A Radio Equipment. 00009R3Y
30053 Sht 4H. Installation of Transmitter-Receiver TR 9B. 00009R43
30053 Sht 9G. Remote Controls Radio. 00009R48
30053 Sht 11H. Mounting for Aerial Mast. 00009R3Z
30053 Sht 20G. Tray for Radio Equipment TR3 Transmitter -Receiver. 00009R40
30053 Sht 33G. Tray for Radio Equipment. 00009R41
30053 Sht 35G. Arrangement of Radio Equipment. 00009R42
30053 Sht 46G. Arrangement of Cable Attachments for TR 1133 Equipment. 00009R44
30053 Sht 52H. RT 3002 & R 3067 Radio Installations. 00009R45
30053 Sht 54G. Mounting for R 3002 & R 3067 Receivers. 00009R46
30053 Sht 67G. General Arrangement of Radio Equipment TR 1133 & A 1271 Beam Approach. 00009R47