Spark Plugs Galore!

spark plug LS85

We were recently contacted asking if we were interested in purchasing spark plugs.

Now, we're fascinated by all things warbirds but the minutiae of spark plugs and the idea of buying twelve thousand of them is not really on our near term radar.

spark plug C34S

However, if anyone out there is interested then Tony at R.I.P. Kustoms (link below) has lots to sparkplugs to offer.

R.I.P Kustoms are a parts dealer specializing in finding New Old Stock merchandise from the 1920's thru 1960's, mostly for cars and motorbikes but this time they have stumbled upon a gold mine of spark plugs for aeroplanes.

Here's the gist of Tony's message:​

“… to see if you have interest in purchasing some of our inventory that we recently found on a parts trip. In all there are roughly 12,000 Aircraft Spark Plugs, Most NOS Military, with the remaining inventory marked “refurbished” by the Military.

Spark Plugs

All plugs are in great condition. So far over 9000 spark plugs have been hand counted and randomly opened to check condition. The following is a list of what has been counted so far and what engines these were for from research done using original military service books or technical orders.

  • 3750 X Champion R-33-S (21 cases, each case has 6 cans, each can has 25 spark plugs) plus 24 Cans that are out of the cases for Pratt & Whitney & Curtiss Wright Radials (Dated 1953)
  • 2065 x AC LS-85 (roughly 90 cartons of 10 then all individual tubes) shown to fit Allison & Pratt & Whitney (most dated between 1942-1944)
  • 1715 X AC LS-86 individual tubes, shown to fit Allison Engines & Pratt & Whitney (Dated 1944)
  • 1700 X Champion C-34-S comes in wax sealed cases of 50, tubes & crates are marked “refurbished” by the military out of San Diego, CA shown to fit Allison & Pratt & Whitney (Dated 1942-1947)
  • 300 X LS4AD-1 (individual tubes)
spark plug Champion R33S

Eyeballing it there’s somewhere between 1500-1700 individual spark plugs left to count, mostly LS-85's, some LS-87's, C-34-S's, then a handful of the following numbers RP-43S, RC-34S, SL2J, M3-1,

Valve Guides

Also there are 150+ boxes of Valve Guides manufactured by the Curtiss Wright Aeronautical Division. Part number is 145644-Y23. The following information was given to me from a company within the aircraft industry;

The valve guide numbers i did get word back they are for the R-3350-26WD, R-3350-32 & R-3350-95 engines and the part number shows as "replaced" by part number 149499. The technical note (PPC Change #5) states the 145644-Y23 can still be used with a sleeve. I do not have the sleeve part number.

Brake Hubs

Last parts available are 2 brake hubs which from what I am told look to fit possibly the DC-3 aircraft. Both hubs are complete hubs, one has all the discs for the multi-disc system, the other does not.

Pricing on the spark plugs is as follows by quantities.
0-50 = $15 per plug
50-500 = $12 per plug
500-1000 = $10 per plug
1000+ = $8 per plug

Interested in any part of this treasure trove of aviation ignition technology?  Follow the link to his website at R.I.P.Kustoms and drop him a line.

Bruce Bird

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