Hurricane – Cockpit


19 drawings including the pilot’s instrument panel plus Seat, Windscreen & Sliding Hood

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Illustration taken from Hurricane Illustrated Spares Manual


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PPS 6680. Revised; Pilots Front Instrument Panel. 000007IN

Pilots seat
B.93003. Ass’y of Seat. 000007AY
B.120145. G.A. of Seat Protection. 000007AZ
C.101925. Ass’y of Armour Protection at Rear of Pilot. 000007B1
C.113951-2. Pilots Adjustable Head Rest. Ass’y & Detail. 000007B0
D.93004. Detail of Seat. 000007AX
62829. Quadrant. 00000946

Sliding hood
A.113507. Ass’y of Control Lever for Hood Jettison Gear. 000007B3
B.84449-50. Ass’y of Sliding Hood Ratchet Control & Control Cable. 000007AV
C.80178. G.A. of Sliding Hood. 000007AW
C.112266-9. Ass’y & Details of Hood Rails (Port). 000007D5
79632 to 79635. Details for Sliding Hood. 000007D4
94981 to 94983. Details for Adjustable Front Roller. 000007D3
STD.956. Channel for Hood Runners. 000007EH
. Emergency Jettison Hood Pull Red Handle. 000007EI

A.98024. Rubber Frame for Glass Panel. 000007EK
A.98090. Assembly of Bullet Proof Panel. 000007EL
D.97713. G.A. of Bullet Proof Windscreen. 000007AS
D.120154. G.A. of Bullet Proof Windscreen. 000007AU