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PPS 6679 Sht 1 of 1. Repair Scheme Undercarriage Struts. 000007J0
PPS 6680. Revised; Pilots Front Instrument Panel. 000007IN
PPS 6681 Sht 1 of 1. Generator Cooling Duct Ass’y. Hurricane (PZ865). 000007TW
RA 10949. Link & Bush Ass’y. 000007LA
SCS AT- 12503. G.A. of Cowlings Hurricane. 000007G9
SCS AT- 12503. G.A. of Cowlings Hurricane. 000007GC
SCS AT- 12503. G.A. of Cowlings Hurricane. 000007GE
SCS AT- 12503. G.A. of Cowlings Hurricane. 000007GK
SCS AT-0 12426. Starb’d Front Side Cowling Part No.C.81501 Hurricane. 000007G8
SCS AT-1 12503. G.A. of Cowling Hurricane. 000007GG
SCS AT-1 12503. G.A. of Cowlings Hurricane. 000007IY
Unknown. Half Plan – Upper Joints. 000007CK
. Aft Doghouse Former. Z0001EMD
. Aileron Control Gear – Outer Plane (Port). 000007FP
. Airdams as viewed from rear. Z0001EM9
. Arrgt. of Header Tank Relief Valve (Internal). 000007T8
. Arrgt. of Header Tank Relief Valve (Internal). 000007T9
. Dowty. Automatic Cut-out. 000007I2
. Emergency Jettison Hood Pull Red Handle. 000007EI
. Flying Control Cables. 000007DS
. Flying Control Unit. 000007DU
. Fuselage Formers – Former 121. Z0001EMG
. Fuselage Formers – Former 122. Z0001EMI
. Fuselage Formers – Former 125. Z0001EMM
. Fuselage Formers – Former 126. Z0001EMH
. Fuselage Formers – Former 127. Z0001EMJ
. Fuselage Formers – Former 128. Z0001EML
. Fuselage Formers – Former 129. Z0001EMF
. Fuselage Formers – Former 129. Z0001EMN
. Fuselage Formers – Former 130. Z0001EMK
. Fuselage Formers – Formers 131- 132. Z0001EME
. G.A. of Aileron. 000007E6
. G.A. of Cowling Framework. 000007FL
. G.A. of Metal Covered Wings. 000007EW
. Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk II. Aircraft Framework. Z0001EM6
. Hurricane Aircraft Framework. Z0001EM4
. Hurricane Wing Framework. Z0001EM5
. Reverse Engineering of Dowty Distributor Valve Box By PD GARBETT & TJ DAY. 000007PX
. Wing Formers – Formers 136 and 137 port and starb’d. Z0001EM8
. Wing Formers – Formers 138 – 140. Z0001EMA
. Wing Formers – Formers 141 – 144. Z0001EMB
. Wing Formers – Formers 145 – 149. Z0001EMC
249-1. Arrangement Cowling Fastener. 000007TE
4917 C & D. Dowty.. 000007IF
5172. Dowty. Hydraulic Flap Jack. 00000947
61698. Sub Assembly of Cable Drum. 000007FO
74681. Locating Hinge for Rudder. 000007CB
74713. Assembly of Floating Hinge. 000007CC
75509 & 75510. Assembly of Lever & Spindle for Aileron Control Gear. 000007EP
75749. G.A. of Tail Unit Covering Instructions. Z0001EM2
75787. G.A. of Flying Control Cables. 000007L5
83665. G.A. of Radiator Fairing and Flap. 000007IQ
90274 Sht 1. Oleo Strut Type 255 CS for Hawker Hurricane. 000007JW
90274. Oleo Strut for Hawker Hurricane Cylinder. 000007JU
109291 & 109292. Ass’y of Aileron Control Cables in Outer Wings. 000007DP
113304 to 113308. G.A. of c-s Flap & Details. 000007DW
113434. Oil Tank. 000007V0
124103 & 124104. G.A. of Control Locking Gear. 000007FN
519915. Dowty. Camshaft. 000007IG
658420. Dowty. Oleo Pneumatic Tail Strut. 000007HB
A.5199. Dowty. Control Unit for U-C & Flaps. 000007IE
A.5199. Dowty. Control Unit for U-C & Flaps. 0000094A
A.6584. Assembly of Tailwheel. 000007KI
A.6584. Dowty. Assembly of Tailwheel. 000007H8
A.6584. Dowty. Assembly of Tailwheel. 000007KE
A.73218 & A.73219. Assembly & Detail of Strut for Side Stay. 000007F0
A.74853. Assembly of Pin Joints. 000007FS
A.77816. Ass’y of Compass Mounting. 000007B7
A.81258. Ass’y of Plug Ends. 000007JC
A.81258. Ass’y of Plug Ends. 000007JK
A.81259 & A.81260. Ass’y of Plug Ends. 000007JF
A.84677 to A.84681. Assembly of Switch Unit. 000007HV
A.86072. G.A. of Flap Indicator. 000007E4
A.86077. G.A. of Flap Indicator. 000007B4
A.93201 to A.93205. Assembly & Detail of Elevator Trimming Tab. 000007FH
A.97885 & A.97886. Contact Arm Assembly. 000007J4
A.98090. Assembly of Bullet Proof Panel. 000007EL
A.99034 to A.99036. Ass’y of Stirrup & Detail of Roller. 000007BP
A.101174. Rear Sealing Bulkhead. 000007D9
A.109925. Top Transverse Cowling Rail. 000007A3
A.110606. G.A. of Rudder. 0000079R
A.113507. Ass’y of Control Lever for Hood Jettison Gear. 000007B3
A.382938. Valve Body for Combined Undercarriage & Flap Control Unit. 000007IJ
AHO.5048. Dunlop. 3.25_ 3½_ (4.95 Tyre) Aero Wheel. 000007DE
B.8790. Vokes Insert Assembly. 000007L3
B.84449-50. Ass’y of Sliding Hood Ratchet Control & Control Cable. 000007AV
B.84567. G.A. of Automatic Boost Control. 000007B5
B.84827. Wing Dihedral Board. 000007HZ
B.90781 & B.90782. Assembly of Rudder Post. 000007C9
B.92830 & B.92831. Elevator Control Tube. 000007HK
B.93003. Ass’y of Seat. 000007AY
B.107371. G.A. of Fireproof Bulkhead. 000007AF
B.107371. G.A. of Fireproof Bulkhead. 000007FV
B.108452-56. G.A. of Radiator Fairing & Flap. 000007BG
B.108492. Ass’y of Tailwheel Fixed. 000007BM
B.108639. Ass’y of Oil Guard Aft of Airscrew (Special Order Only). 000007BA
B.111895 & B.111896. Ass’y of Front Cannon Mountings on Inner Front Spar. 000007ET
B.111895-96. Ass’y of Front Cannon Mountings on Inner Front Spar. 000007BY
B.113304 to B.113308. G.A. of c-s Flap & Details. 000007E2
B.113304-8. G.A. of c-s Flap & Details. 000007AC
B.113623. Ass’y of Slinging Gear & Joint Pins. 000007AK
B.114872. Arrangement of Landing Lamp Control Cables in c-s. 000007AD
B.114874. G.A. of Covering & Identification. 000007AP
B.117227 & B.117228. Detail & Ass’y of Domed Plate for Camera (G.45). 000007EV
B.120145. G.A. of Seat Protection. 000007AZ
B.120816 & B.120817. Aileron Controls in Wings. 000007E9
C.1077.Y. Dowty. Automatic Cut-out (Complete with Unions). 000007I4
C.3585 Sht 1. Dowty. Hydraulic Hand Pump. 000007F6
C.3585 Sht 2. Dowty. Hydraulic Hand Pump. 000007F7
C.4608. Automatic Cut-out (Complete with Unions). 000007IB
C.4637. Dowty. Automatic Cut-out (Ass’y). 000007I5
C.4803. Dowty. Piping Diagram (Automatic System). 000007SN
C.6144. Dowty. Sub Ass’y of Rotary Control Valve (Undercarriage & Flaps). 000007IP
C.6165. Dowty. G.A. of Rotary Control Valve. 000007IO
C.6595. Dowty. Shock Absorber Unit. 000007KK
C.9665. Dowty. Assembly of Automatic Cut-out. 000007I3
C.19906. G.A. of E29A-½_-22602 Air Filter. 000007L2
C.73508-9. G.A. of Outer Wing Flap. 000007BU
C.79330. G.A. of Elevator Flap Control. 0000079V
C.80178. G.A. of Sliding Hood. 000007AW
C.84875-6. Ass’y of Tail Landing Gear. 000007BL
C.93588. Assembly of Pitôt Tubes. 000007C3
C.98082. Ass’y of Hydraulic Selector Gear. 000007BK
C.101925. Ass’y of Armour Protection at Rear of Pilot. 000007B1
C.106953. G.A. of Engine Cooling System. 000007BC
C.107992. G.A. of Vacuum Pump Installation. 000007KU
C.108099. G.A. of Oil System. 000007V4
C.109267 & C.109268. Assembly of Rear Mounting. 000007C0
C.110728. G.A. of Rudder Bias. 0000079T
C.112266 & C.112269. Ass’y & Details of Hood Rails (Port). 000007D5
C.112609. G.A. of Bomb Controls in Fuselage. 000007AE
C.113120. G.A. of Engine Starting Installation. 000007B9
C.113951-2. Pilots Adjustable Head Rest. Ass’y & Detail. 000007B0
C.114576. G.A. of Radiator Mounting. 000007BH
C.115619. G.A. of Fuel Pressure Indicator. 000007BF
C.117390. Mounting of Bomb Control Switches. 000007B2
C.118105. Engine Breather Vent Pipe System. 000007KV
CX.19906. G.A. of E.29A-½_-19917 Air Filter. 000007L1
D.25336-9. G.A. of Undercarriage Fairing. 000007BQ
D.65951. Dowty. Sub Ass’y of Gland Housing. 000007HD
D.65951. Sub Ass’y of Gland Housing. 000007KJ
D.72500. G.A. of Centre Section Basic Structure. 000007A5
D.72590. G.A. of Fin. 0000079U
D.73264. G.A. of Rudder Bar & Mounting. 0000079Q
D.73333-4. G.A. of Undercarriage. 000007BR
D.73504-5. G.A. of Outer Wing. 000007BT
D.73506-7. G.A. of Aileron & Details. 0000079W
D.73531. G.A. of Tailplane. 0000079X
D.74003. G.A. of Flying Controls. 0000079P
D.74853. Ass’y of Pin Joints (Wing). 000007AJ
D.76368. G.A. of Engine Controls. 000007BB
D.76443. G.A. of Centre Section Flap. 000007A6
D.76600. Ass’y & Details of Decking. 000007D6
D.76600. G.A. & Details of Decking. 000007A9
D.76650. G.A. of Centre Section. 000007A7
D.76688. G.A. of Footsteps. 000007A8
D.77502. G.A. of Fuselage Fairing. 000007AA
D.79196. G.A. of Pneumatic Installation in Fuselage. 000007AO
D.81554-5. G.A. of Wing Coverings & Doors. 000007BV
D.81778. G.A. of Radiator Flap Control. 000007B6
D.82900. G.A. of Tail End Fairing. 000007AL
D.83062. G.A. of Cowling Framework. 0000079Z
D.83608-10. G.A. of Radiator Flap & Fairing. 000007BI
D.83754. G.A. of Cowling. 000007A1
D.84991. G.A. of Fuselage Underfairing (Metal). 000007AB
D.86821. Covering Instruction for Fuselage & Fairing. 000007C5
D.91367-8. G.A. of Gun Installation. 000007C1
D.92942. G.A. of Emergency Exit Panel. 000007AG
D.93004. Detail of Seat. 000007AX
D.93557. G.A. of Hydraulic System. 000007BJ
D.97713. G.A. of Bullet Proof Windscreen. 000007AS
D.97915. Header Tank for Pressure Cooling. 000007BD
D.98016. G.A. of Snap & Locking Gear (U-c). 000007BN
D.99622-3. Ass’y & Detail of Top Aerial Mast. 000007C2
D.104799. G.A. of Engine Mounting. 000007B8
D.105120. G.A. of Centre Section. 000007AH
D.105121. G.A. of Centre Section Basic Structure. 000007E5
D.105165. G.A. of Fuselage. 0000079Y
D.105793. G.A. of Cowling Framework. 000007AI
D.106856. G.A. of Cowling. 000007A4
D.109251-2. G.A. of Cannon Wings. 000007BS
D.110014-15. G.A. of Cannon Installation. 000007BZ
D.110511 to D.110514. Ass’y of Front Cannon Mountings. 000007ES
D.112031 to D.112032. G.A. of Elevators. 000007KL
D.114079. G.A. of Pneumatic Installation in Fuselage. 000007AM
D.114623. G.A. of Rudder. 0000079S
D.117485. G.A. of Fuel System. 000007KS
D.117485. G.A. of Fuel System. 000007KT
D.120154. G.A. of Bullet Proof Windscreen. 000007AU
D.125133-34. G.A. of Outer Main Planes. 000007BX
D.659516. Dowty. Floating Piston Complete. 000007HG
D85659. Top Side Panel. Z0001EM0
D117278. Assembly of Rudder Flap. Z0001ELY
E.86193-94. G.A. of Metal Covered Wings. 000007BW
E86573. Hawker Hurricane Mk I. Technical Side Elevation. Z0001ELZ
FDO-IN-19. Thermostatic Valve for Oil Cooler. 000007SQ
FDO-INST-713. External G.A. of Oil ooler Thermostat incorporating Safety Device. 000007SO
GN.15619. Foot Engine Rear. 000007UG
INS.STD.No.140-3. Cover for Body (Relief Valve). 000007T3
INS.STD.No.268. G.A. of Non-Adjustable Relief Valve. 000007T5
INS.STD.No.N8. Housing for Relief Valve. 000007TD
M250-25. Tail Plane Spar (Boom Ass’y). 000007KM
PPS 6674 Sht 2 of 2. DC-DC Converter. 000007U0
PPS 6676. Mounting; Upward Identification Lamp Hurricane BBMF. 000007TP
PPS 6677 Sht 1 of 2. Installation of Hydraulic Pressure Gauge. 000007HN
PPS 6677 Sht 2 of 2. Installation of Hydraulic Pressure Gauge. 000007HO
PPS 6677. Design Definition Report cont’d. Sht. Re. Installation of Hydraulic Pressure Gauge. 000007HR
PPS 6677. Design Definition Report Re. Installation of Hydraulic Pressure Gauge. 000007HQ
PPS 6677. Re. Installation of Hydraulic Pressure Gauge. 000007HP