Spitfire Mk II


145 drawings relating to the Spitfire Mk II

Note that these are differences from the Mk 1.  You need the Mk I drawings AND the specific Mark drawings.

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32938 Sht 8D. G A of Armour Plate around Header Tank. 00009HAM
32938-1C. Blister on Centre Cowl Panel Starboard. 00009HAV
32938-3E. Side Panel. 00009HAU
32938-7C. Cowling Former. 00009HAE
32938-9G. Front Ring. 00009HAL
32938-11D. Cowling Panel Rear. 00009HAS
32938-21C. Door in way of Header Filler. 00009HAH
32938-37C. Door. 00009HAG
32939 Sht 3G. Engine Hand Control. 00009HAD
32939 Sht 5G. G A of Rotol & De Havilland Constant Speed Airscrew Controls. 00009HAC
32939-33C. Back Plate. 00009HAB
32939-35C. Front Plate. 00009HAA
32941 Sht 1. Arrangement of High Pressure Radiator. 00009HA9
32947 Sht 2D. Arrangement of Breather Pipe. 00009HA8
32948 Sht 2D. Header Tank Rekative to Cowl Lines. 00009HA6
32948-5C. Header Tank Support Bracket. 00009HA7
32949 Sht 2H. Pressure Cooling System ( Coffman Starting ). 00009HA5
32949-25C. Pipe. Pressure Cooling System. 00009HA4
32952-1D. Hub Cover for Rotol Airscrew. 00009HA3
32956 Sht 2C. Handle for Hand Turning. 00009H9Z
32956 Sht 3H. Arrangement of Coffman Starter. 00009HA1
32956 Sht 4G. Arrangement of Coffman Starting. 00009HA2
32956 Sht 5C. Assembly of Front Support Bracket. 00009H9Y
32956 Sht 6C. Assembly of Pulley Support Bracket. 00009H9X
32956 Sht 7D. Housing for Starting Cartridges. 00009HA0
32956-61 & 63C. Front Support Bracket. 00009H9W
33100 Sht 2C. Sequence of operations for conversion in Cockpit Piping from 8 Machine Guns to 4 Machine Guns & 2 Cannon Guns. 00009H9F
33100 Sht 7D. Relation between Guns & Aircraft. 00009H8W
33100 Sht 8D. Gun Alignment for VB Wing with Sighting Boards at 25 yds & 50 yds. 00009H8V
33100-1D. 25 yds Sighting Board for VB Wing at 300yds Range. 00009H8Y
33100-3D. 50yds Sighting Board for VB Wing at 300 yds Range. 00009H8X
33108 Sht 9G. Auxiliary Spar Cannon Mounting. 00009H95
33108 Sht 10D. Assembly of Rib 10 Front Portion. 00009H8U
33108 Sht 11H. Rib No. 9. 00009GNN
33108 Sht 13G. Front Skin Former ( between Ribs 9 – 11 ). 00009H94
33108 Sht 14D. Assembly of Rib 10 Rear Portion. 00009H8T
33108 Sht 18D. Skin Former – Rear between Ribs 10 & 11. 00009H8S
33108 Sht 20D. Auxiliary Spar Attachments to Ribs 8 & 11. 00009H8R
33108 Sht 21D. Modification to Front Spar at Rib 9. 00009GSS
33108 Sht 22D. Auxiliary Spar Attachments to Ribs 9 & 11. 00009GSR
33108 Sht 23H. Magazine Door. 00009GND
33108 Sht 29D. Nose Rib No. 9. 00009GSQ
33108 Sht 30C. Assembly of Door. 00009H9C
33108 Sht 31-2C. Rib No. 5 ( Centre Portion ). 00009H9B
33108 Sht 33H. G A of Wing ( Starboard ). 00009GNI
33108 Sht 34H. G A of Wing ( Port ). 00009GNH
33108 Sht 35C. Rib No. 12 Mid Portion. 00009H9A
33108 Sht 36C. Wing Offsets. 00009H99
33108 Sht 37H. Rib No. 11. 00009GRH
33108 Sht 38H. Front Spar Assembly. Stations 6 – 11. 00009GRG
33108 Sht 39H. Arrangement of Front Spar & Nose Ribs. 00009GRF
33108 Sht 40H. Rib No. 8. 00009H9D
33108 Sht 41H. Rib No. 7. Rear Portion. 00009H9E
33108 Sht 42G. Mounting Bracket for Brake Flap Power Cylinder. 00009H93
33108 Sht 43H. Arrangement of Nose Sheeting. 00009GNG
33108 Sht 44G. Structure between Ribs 7 & 8 for Power Cylinder Mounting. 00009H92
33108 Sht 45D. Access Door. 00009GSP
33108 Sht 46-47E. Rear Spar. 00009H97
33108 Sht 48H. Assembly of Top Plating. 00009GS4
33108 Sht 50D. Heating Baffle on Rib 8. 00009GSN
33108 Sht 55H. Arrangement of Pipe Lines etc in Wing. 00009GNL
33108 Sht 56D. Assembly of Magazine Strap. 00009GSM
33108 Sht 57E. Auxiliary Spar. 00009H96
33108 Sht 60D. Magazine Strap. 00009GSL
33108 Sht 61C. Landing Angle on Rib 9. 00009H98
33108 Sht 62C. Additional Fairing for Mag.. 00009GNA
33108 Sht 66D. Tolerances for Holes in Rib Booms. Ribs 5;8;9;10;11;12;13;14;16;17;18;19;20. 00009GSK
33108 Sht 70C. Rib No. 17. 00009H9U
33108 Sht 72G. Auxiliary Spar. 00009H91
33108-37-8D. Reinforcing for Spar Web. 00009GSO
33108-229-230G. Cannon Door between Ribs 8 & 9. 00009GRV
33108-251-2D. Guard between Ribs 8 & 9. 00009GSJ
33108-289-90G. Chute for Cannon. 00009H90
33108-349-350H. Front Spar Web. Stations 6 – 11. 00009GRM
33108-395-6C. Attachment Angle. 00009H9T
33108-397-8C. Attachment Angle. 00009H9S
33108-399-400D. Web Plate Rib 8. 00009GSI
33108-401-2D. Pulley Bracket. 00009GSH
33108-403-4C. Pulley Bracket. 00009H9R
33108-405-6C. Pulley Bracket. 00009H9Q
33108-431-2C. End Channel. 00009H9P
33108-433-4C. End Channel. 00009H9O
33108-435-6C. Channel. 00009H9N
33108-437-8D. Channel ( Top Piece ). 00009GSG
33108-439-440D. Channel ( Bottom Piece ). 00009GSF
33108-449-450H. Nose Covering Top Sheet. 00009GNF
33108-451-2H. Nose Covering Bottom Sheet. 00009GNM
33108-457-8C. Door Landing Angle. 00009H9M
33108-461-2C. Bracing Web. 00009H9L
33108-591-2C. Channel. 00009H9K
33108-659C. Magazine Fairing. 00009H9J
33108-667-8H. Magazine Fairing ( Bottom ). 00009GNE
33108-679-680D. Heating Baffle. 00009GSE
33108-719-20G. Web Plate. 00009H8Z
33127 Sht 1B. G A of Fairleads Labels & Connections on Fuselage. 00009R5J
33133 Sht 5D. Aileron Pulley Mounting on Rib 5. 00009GSD
33133 Sht 7G. Arrangement of Aileron Control in Wing. 00009GRS
33133-19-20C. Pulley Bracket Side Plate. 00009H9I
33133-21-2C. Pulley Bracket Side Plate. 00009H9H
33133-23-4C. Pulley Bracket Base Plate. 00009H9G
33134 Sht 2D. Run of Pitôt Tubes in Fuselage to Drain in Wing Fillet. 00009GSC
33136 Sht 3D. Electrical Equipment in Main Planes. 00009GSB
33136-7;9;13C. Cable Conduits ( Superstructure ). 00009GNB
33159 Sht 2G. Arrangement of Air Brake Gear in Wing. 00009GRP
33162 Sht 1. G A FRONT MOUNTING. 000001AA
33162 Sht 3G. Assembly of Rear Mounting & Empty Case Chute. 00009GRK
33162 Sht 5G. Assembly of Magazine Trigger Release. 00009GRJ
33162 Sht 7G. Oxygen Bottle Mounting. 00009GRI
33162 Sht 11D. Assembly of Magazine Armour. 00009GS8
33162 Sht 12D. Mounting of Reducing Valve. 00009GS7
33162 Sht 15G. G A of Piping for Gun Heating. 00009GRT
33162 Sht 20D. Support for Magazine ( Rear ). 00009GS6
33162 Sht 21D. Arrangement of Gun Installation ( Brownings ). 00009GS5
33162 Sht 22G. Arrangement of Gun Heating Pipes at Exhaust Manifold. W000EU3N
33162 Sht 23D. Gun Heating Pipe in Leading Edge. 00009GRN
33162 Sht 24G. Gun Heating Baffle at Rib 17. 00009GRL
33162 SHT1. G.A FRONT MOUNTING. 000001AA
33162-7 & 8. MOUNTING BRACKET. 000001AB
33162-7 & 8D. Mounting Bracket. 00009GS9
33162-7&8. MOUNTING BRACKET. 000001AB
33162-23-24D. Barrel Fairing . 000001A9
33162-87C. Slide Body. 00009GRY
33162-167-169C. Armour Plate for Magazine. 00009GRX
33162-223 – 224D. Empty Case Chute. 00009GRO
33162-233D. Port Wing Vent Gun Heating. 00009GNC
33162-255-6C also 269-70C. Branch Pipe Gun Heating in Leading Edge. 00009GS2
33162-317C. End Pipe ( Inboard ) Exhaust Gun Heating. 00009GS3
33162-319C. End Pipe ( Outboard ) Exhaust Gun Heating. 00009GS1
33162-333C. Gun Heating Pipe. 00009GRZ
33162-335D. Gun Heating Pipe. 00009GRR
33162-337C. Gun Heating Pipe. 00009GS0
33162-339-40D. Gun Heating Pipe. 00009GRQ
33162-341-2C. Gun Heating Pipe. 00009GRW
32900 Sht 3H. G A Sectional Side Elevation. 00009HAX
32934 Sht 1H. Installation of Vacuum Pump. 00009HAP
32934 Sht 2C. Instrument Board. 00009HAQ
32934 Sht 3H. Instrument Board. 00009HAW
32934-23G. Instrument Panel. 00009HAR
32936 Sht 3G. Electrical Equipment on Engine Mounting. 00009HAO
32936 Sht 6H. Arrangement of E-L Equipment in Fuselage. 00009HAF
32938 Sht 2C. Arrangement of Cowling Structure. 00009HAK
32938 Sht 3D. Blanking Plates on Front Cowl Ring. 00009HAN
32938 Sht 4D. Cowling Panels. 00009HAT
32938 Sht 5C. Door in way of Starter Breech. 00009HAJ
32938 Sht 6C. Door in way of Header Filler. 00009HAI

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